Ottoman, w/ Scalloped Base

Elliptical Coffee Table

52” long by 28” wide - Custom sizes available

Stainless Steel and Crema Marfil Marble

“Simple” is not always so Simple. I was asked to Design and Fabricate an elliptical table. To me the simplest, most direct response was a “ring - with 4 legs - and a stabilizing cross member.
Simple. Uh - OK……
Now try rolling a solid bar of Stainless Steel - almost an inch thick (.75” thick) into a perfect geometric ellipse, following a CAD generated template. Easy- yeah - RIGHT!!? It took 6 pairs of Hands to get it right - after the biggest Metal Rolling Company in Chicago (think Frank Gehry’s Millennium Park trellis) - couldn’t get it right!
I’m quite pleased with the outcome.